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Beethoven 9

Ludwig van Beethoven knew that the power of music could bring about change. And so it did. With his Ninth Symphony, he broke with the prevailing conventions of his time, if only because of the unprecedented length of the work and the introduction of a choir. This gave the idea of musical creation a completely new social meaning. Thus, the stanzas from Friedrich Schiller's poem Ode an die Freude bear witness to Beethoven's ethical ideals: the ideas of brotherhood and human solidarity. It is through his music that Beethoven introduces these to his audience and makes them think. In 2024, the premiere of this Ninth Symphony will be exactly 200 years ago. Because Beethoven's ideals of equality and solidarity are relevant now, more than ever, the MSFO is performing Beethoven's Magistral Ninth Symphony on the occasion of this anniversary. Together with a world creation by the young Belgian composer Yngwie Janseghers, the orchestra thus brings its own Ode an die Freude.

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