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Mahler Student Festival Choir

The Mahler Student Festival Choir was founded in 2022, together with the Mahler Student Festival Orchestra. Under the direction of conductor Lars Corijn, 70 singers gave their best during rehearsals and performanceS of Gustav's Mahler phenomenal Second Symphony. 

The Mahler Student Festival Choir focuses mainly on talented and enthusiastic choral singers. The choir aims to give them the opportunity to perform exceptional repertoire and share the stage with an outstanding orchestra. 


Sing along!

Our choir works on a project basis, i.e. without a fixed rehearsal schedule. For each production, we look at the possibilities and the choir is composed of our available singers. Rehearsals usually take place on Sunday evenings in Antwerp. The singers must rehearse their scores independently at home. This allows us to rehearse efficiently and keep the number of rehearsals to a minimum.  You will receive a PDF with the choir score from us in advance, so you can use it yourself! 


Would you like to sing in the Mahler Student Festival Choir? Then register now using the contact form below. We will contact you soon!

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